I’m extremely pleased to say that the very interesting duo, “slowdanger” will be performing at the closing party for my exhibition, “Mythological Gestures” on June the 27th beginning at 7 PM. Here’s a press release I wrote:
Blending electronic music and the sensuous human voice with dynamic, highly imaginative improvisational dancing, “slowdanger” provides a unique experience. The group is comprised of the performance and life partners Anna Thompson and Taylor Knight, with Taylor providing the various electronic sounds using a variety of gizmos, while Anna lends her haunting soprano voice. Here is a beautiful video of them:

Both graduates of Point Park College with degrees in dance, the two will be performing at the Spinning Plate Gallery as a closing party for the exhibition “Mythological Gestures” a series of 17 large charcoal drawings based on various myths by award winning Pittsburgh artist Richard Claraval. In their dance performances slowdanger will create pieces based on the very dynamic human figures featured in Claraval’s drawings. The duo first saw and were inspired by the artist’s work at The Space Upstairs in Point Breeze where they frequently perform solo, duo and group improvisational pieces.

The performance will take place Friday June 27th beginning at 7 PM at the Spinning Plate Gallery, 5821Baum Blvd, 15206. Wine, beer and light refreshments will be served. Mythological Gestures will continue until June 28th.

Heracles Slays the Hydra
Gallery Hours for Mythological Gestures: Tues, Wed, and Thurs 7 to 10 PM;
Fri and Sat 4 to 7 PM
Richard Claraval:
412 877 7394

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